We are
The Organizers

A company that organizes homes and more. We are professional in organizing, creating lasting, functional, customized systems to help you get organized and stay that way.

We are
The Organizers

"Right-Sizing your Life"

A company that organizes homes and more. We are professional in organizing, creating lasting, functional, customized systems to help you get organized and stay that way.

About Us

In a world full of change, life itself can be difficult enough for millions of small things to disrupt your day-to-day life. This is why we, coming from two different generations, guided by the same values and passions, created The Organizers, a company that organizes houses, offices, and warehouses, as well as planning moves and designing the space of your dreams. And last but not least, we pack, unpack and handle your move.

Our Services


Closets, Kitchens, Garages, Home Offices, etc.


Offices, Warehouses, Utility Closets, Storages, Shops & other businesses, etc.

Moving, Donations & Garage Sales

Packing, Unpacking & Managing your Move.

Virtual Consultation

We help you organize your space via webcam.

The Organizational Process

Includes our own custom-made system for each individual project.

First, we take an overview of the project itself. Talk to the client, listening to his frustrations, and urgencies. His wants, strengths, and weaknesses.

Hence, we start to develop the plan by taking measurements and photos. We lead by purging and decluttering. Once this is done, we start categorizing.
We must design the system within the space that we have. Thus, we recycle, repurpose, and buy supplies.

It must be manageable, practical, easy, and delightful to the eyes. And of course, everything must be previously cleaned to commence and produce our Magic! But the altruistic work of The Organizers does not end only with its client, it also helps those who are in need with donations and accessible sales of certain belongings that you no longer need.

What Customers Says

Recently, I had to move from my house. Mercedes Quintero, and her company: The Organizers. LLC; gave me all I needed, beyond an average moving company : highly skilled in organizing, packing, moving trucks, and even a handyman’s services. Trust, efficiency, and personal attention. Thanks to Mercedes and the Organizers LLC, for the quality of their services.

Mary B. Reinfeld

Welcome to the Organizers, where you can release the heavy duty process or caos to order and peace. Discover the opportunity from: no worries !! to everything it will be easy and awesome. They are two girls with full creativity and experience in the interior design field. Stress out ! 5 star customer service.


Super recomendado excelente servicio al mejor costo, confiable y trabajadora, toda la logística de empaque, alistamiento y bodegaje, recupere espacio y orden en cada rincón...


The Organizers saved my life... This company is worth every penny


Customer Says .

The Organizers, una compañía para ordenar cualquier espacio, su puntualidad y profesionalidad son excelentes, es por eso que la recomiendo ampliamente!!


Laura and Mercedes are Savvy, solutions-focused, helpful and fun! They unpacked me, helped me reduce the overwhelm I was feeling, and set up systems that I can use for years to come. They’re a pricey investment and worth every penny!

Samantha Saenz

The 2 Organizers have done wonders to my storage unit. My storage unit went from an overcrowded, anxiety packed area to a very organized, clutter free space in which all my tools have a designated spot. I cannot believe I am able to walk through my unit once again. I highly recommend The 2 Organizers for your organizing and/or moving services. The professionalism, efficacy, and honesty of these ladies deserves 5 stars!

I am very happy for the quality and professionalism that the team showed for my house and my personal belongings.

Saludos un fuerte abrazo, happy new year 2023. Dándole merecidas gracias a The Organizers por toda su excelente gestion realizada en la acomodaciònde nuestra laboriosa mudanza al sur de la Florida, satisfecha y agradecida. Happy 2023!

Nelly Cadagan-Wilson

For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned

Benjamin Franklin

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